Question on Mishna Berurah 32:79

This came up as a theoretical question today. Mishna Berurah says that one can scrape connected letters even within Names and it isn't considered mochek es haSheim if they were connected at the bottom. Is there any difference if the connection is on top (assuming the letters were written in a way that nichtav b'psul is not an issue)?


  1. It says clearly in the Sha'ar Ha'tziyun that
    וכל שכן למעלה
    that means in truth there is no difference between a ngiya at the top of the letters, or the bottom.

    The chidush the MB is posing: although the Rashba (and many others) hold, that a negiya at the bottom of the letter is not pasul, because it is after the letter was finished [see MA 32:5, and MB ibid:12] maybe one should be machmir not to erase this negiya by a shem, since according to the Rashba it is a chashash mechikas hashem and no need to scrape for hekef gvil.
    Nevertheless we completely follow the shita of the SA that any negiya [top or bottom] is pasul and must be erased, also in a shem.

  2. Yasher Koach

    My shaar hatziyun has the abbreviations spelled out and it says כמה שכתב הפרי מגדים למעלה otherwise I wouldn't have asked.


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