Shin - heads touching

The heads of the shin are touching with a thick negiya. It is customary to pasel this type of negiya, and consider scratching it "chok tochos".


  1. kavod harav but why?
    isn't this the classic textbook case brought in the mishnat sofrim that it's an inyan only of mukaf gvil and not chok tochot because the tzurah is nikkar? why can't this be fixed?

  2. There are opinions (see Mishnat Hasofer 9:46) that consider 2 letters stuck the whole ovey hagagos, as forbidden to scrape because of chok tochos. Here 2 heads of the shin are the same, since the majority of their heads are stuck.
    I admit that in a very needed situation [consult a Rabbi] one can be meikal.

  3. as long as only the minority of their heads are stuck together, there is no problem of chok tochos?

    1. Yes. That is the classical negiya between 2 letters mentioned in poskim that can be scraped.
      If your question was in regard to the negiya between the heads of the shin, this is up to the whole issue of negiyas oketz smol of yud ha'alef to the guf.


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