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Hi All,

I have had some time this evening to update the forum Members list as well as make a few changes to the general layout that will hopefully make it more user friendly.

My eventual goal is still to find a sponsor for this forum and have it laid out more professionally, as well have all the posts classified into proper subject groups. I wanted it to build up a little before approaching potential donors but I'm thinking its already getting there, so hopefully I will be able to take things to the next level soon.

I'm also meeting a lot of sofrim and magihim here in Israel who would contribute if it was in Hebrew. I don't think anyone would have any objections if a post or two here or there appeared in Hebrew. It would still be predominantly for English speaking sofrim.

I would like to thank everyone for their contributions and posts. Please put a few tags at the end of your posts in the future. (Not everyone has been doing this and it helps a lot when you are searching for a subject).

Hopefully this site will continue to grow and improve and be a good resource for many.

If anyone has any ideas to improve this site, please email me or add it in the comments.

Wishing one and all a "Gut Moed" and a "Good Summer" (for those in the Northern Hemisphere).


  1. R. Eli - it is a an excellent forum - professional and well laid out.

  2. Gut Moed R' Eli,

    Thanks for running the forum. If you want to use one of the free forum services like invisionfree I'd be happy to put some time into administrating it. Also, when you update the member list, could you link my name to my new blog? It's

  3. Here is an example of one of the largest Jewish-religious English forums in the world. (Many thousands of registered members).

    I am willing to donate the computer work needed to create our forum using a similar approach/structure. The forum should be hosted on

  4. I'm also willing to help with the computer work.

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. Eli - I can help with fund raising (either seeking sponsors and/or other funding possibilities). Please be in touch when you're ready to proceed. Thank you for all you do to make this invaluable forum a reality.
    Good Shabbos.


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