Which waterproof mezuzah cases are best for outdoors?

I was wondering if anyobne had any experience which type of outdoor cases work best against the elements?


  1. Yes. I tested a few. The best is an aluminum case which is all one piece from above and from the sides, and has a small metal cover that screws into the case from the bottom. It looks like that:

    Important - a) the case must be a single piece of metal that was drilled from the bottom. Do not use a case that is a pipe with an added seal on top. b) the top hole for the top nail must be entirely in the top metal part and not have any open connection to the empty space where the mezuza is inserted.

  2. I’ve had good experiences using a lucite case with a silicone plug in the bottom. I think the Israeli distributor is Mandrizitzky +972-2-537-1864

  3. zvi why should aluminium be better than plastic waterproof with plug on bottom

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  4. Try here: http://www.hasofer.com/page.pl?p=wrcover
    or here: http://www.hasofer.com/page.pl?p=ledorotcover
    I don't have any experience with either.
    Regarding the aluminum case mentioned, I remember hearing that one should not use metal for mezuza case. I don't remember the source.

    1. its a kaballa from the bal shem tov, because instruments of war are made of metal (barzel)

      question is if aluminium is considered barzel

  5. As far as waterproofing is concerned, there is no difference between aluminum and plastic. It must be all one piece, with NO plug on top (a plug will leak over time). At the bottom, any kind of plug or threaded cover that threads from the inside is fine.

    Aluminum is better than clear plastic because plastic lets sun heat into the klaf which can accelerate damage to kankantom ink. (With Dio Lanetzach this is not a problem, unless the klaf itself is sensitive to heat). Light-color aluminum is better than dark-painted aluminum because it reflects away the sun heat.

    Regarding the prohibition of Barzel, aluminum is not barzel. Barzel is iron and steel. Aluminum as a utility metal did not exist in the olden days. (There is no aluminum metal in the ground, only aluminum compounds). Did the Baal Shem Tov mean only iron/steel or did he mean any kind of metal, including soft metals? I don't know.

  6. I strongly recommend against the covers with a metal screw on the bottom. They become rusted and are often not possible to open. I've sawed off the bottoms of cases a number of times to access the mezuzah.

    Also, many of the metal cases are not "roomy" inside and the klaf has to be rolled tight, which is not recommended. it can also be a hassle to remove the mezuzah.

    Finally, on a number of occasions I've opened the metal cases with screws to find the mezuzah wet or with water damage and in one extreme case totally disinegrated.

    By far, the best option is the WHITE (when used outdoors or in direct sunlight) plastic cases, specifically those made by Mendrazitsky. His rubber plug (on the bottom) is made with a small hole to indirectly allow air into the case and release of moisture. Rain will not get into the case.


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