How do you store your kulmus?

I've always cleaned my kulmus after a writing session, using a cotton swab and a cloth. Then I place upright in a stand or stow in a small case. I've recently heard of other methods, including keeping the kulmus (tip down) wet in a cup of water; and also placing it in the top part of a cup with a divider separating the water on the bottom with the dry area in the upper part of the cup - thus maintaining some moisture whilst keeping the kulmus dry. I'm interested in hearing about best practices. Thank you.


  1. I think how you store your kulmus depends a lot on how you like your kulmus when you write and also whether you temper it before writing or not. I've noticed that quills that have been hardened in hot sand are a bit more susceptible to changes in humidity and benefit from being stored over, but not in, water, like you describe. Personally, I don't do anything special because I live about a mile from the Pacific Ocean and the humidity here is usually right around a hundred percent. I've never had any problem with my kulmus drying and splitting, but if you do you could try suspending your quill over a wet sponge or water. I don't think this practice though is universally necessary as it seems a reaction to local low humidity.

    1. R' Benyomin - thank you for your insights. Very helpful.


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