How would you fix this?

Sorry for all the beginner level posts.
Ignoring the terrible ksav, how would you fix this?  As it appears, these are hand smudges which occurred after ksiva.
I am looking for both the halachic status and practical strategies to fix.


  1. hallachacily there is no problem erasing the extra ink. the letters are still obvious, so there is no case of chak tochot involved.

    1. R. Moshe,

      Wouldn't it be better to err on the side of caution with the Aleph since the smudge is very dark and very big couldn't it be a safek of a shinuy Tzurah? Since there is not problem to erase here (no shelo Kesidran) wouldn't it be better to play it safe and erase enough of the aleph to be mevatel the tzurah and then rewrite it?

  2. I have to say this again: Your ksav is much better than mine and I've been writing for a while. As R' Moshe said, you can just scrape, but make sure the blade is shaving sharp first if you want it to look good.

  3. just in case if you are just starting I would be careful using a shaving blade because it might make a hole and one must be experienced using it you could use sandpaper use a thick one then erase all the marks with a eraser and then use a thinner sandpaper to smooth it out but you still must be careful


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