Sefer Kesivas St'am By R' M. Mendlowitz - Where to Buy It

I have R' Adam's sefer Yalkut Stam, in it he waxes very poetic about the sefer Kesivas Stam by R' Mendlowitz as an indispensable primer on technical information for a sofer.  Does anyone know where I can get a copy (I'm in New York).


  1. I got my copy direct from the author. +972-2-623-4070. IIRC, he only speaks Hebrew & Yiddish.

  2. Did he ship it to America?

  3. 2 of the volumes are available in judaica world, (they aren't cheap)

  4. there is a Ruvain Mendlowitz who just wrote an english book on stam for the laymam which looks pretty good

    1. This book by R. Reuven Mendelowitz is indeed very good - called Inside STaM. The footnotes and endnotes are in Hebrew but the main text is in English.

    2. It indeed look very good! However from what I've heard I believe he is a bit more on the side l'hachmir. For educational purposes and learning (and for the layman) it can give a lot of good yedias

    3. yes I only glanced through it but I saw a picture of a kuba or zanav which he passeled which seemed very machmir

  5. where could you get the sefer yalkut stam?

  6. Its a great sefer giving many yedios-the real good part is that THE PARTY THE JUDAICA STORES HAD IS OVER FOR SOMEBODY READING THE SEFER however if somebody with OCD gets hold of it.........nothing will be good enough

  7. ספר ילקוט סת"ם

    הספר כולל את כל ההלכות הדרושות לסופר בעבודתו
    היומיומית. כמו כן פרקים המתארים, שלב אחרי שלב, את
    כתיבת האותיות בכתב הספרדי והאשכנזי, ופרק על הכנת
    הקולמוס ושאר ענפי הפרקטיקה. בסוף הספר פרקי קיצור
    ההלכות וסיכומים. לספר נלווה דיסק ובו שיעורים מוקלטים
    על כל הנ"ל ועזרים נוספים לתועלת סופרי הסת"ם.
    ניתן להשיג את הספר לפי מספר טלפון


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