Shaylas tinok on Beis that resembles a mem

There is a small line in the Beis (ירבו) starting to close it, turning it into a mem. This question was already brought on the forum, see link The International STa"M Forum
There the Rabbi [Dovid L. Greenfeld, head of Vaad Mishmeres Stam] paskened that the letter after Beis should be covered (so the tinok doesn't realise it isn't a Mem, because it is in the middle of a word] the tinok in that case passeled it reading it a Mem.

Here [lower] are 2 similar questions, The tinok was asked and read the Beis's in question as Beis, although the other letters were not covered. Bdieved his reading is accepted, and the letters are kosher, we do not need to ask again.


  1. shkoyach.
    btw how do you pasken on the hay from vyitzorecha, last line of bottom photo?

    1. kosher, although not lechatchila because the nekuda of the hay is to extended.


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