Forum update

Firstly I would like to welcome all new members who have joined in recent weeks, my apologies for not updating the new members list. I hope to do that soon. Thanks to Rabbi Michael Tzadok, one of the new members for adding a Sephardic flavor to the forum, something that has definitely been lacking until now.

There was a nice article about the forum on, a respectable NY communal website, see it here . A special thanks to Dovid for arranging that.

I have received input from a number of members regarding changing the forum model to something more like this type of style. I only used BlogSpot because I was familiar with it from before. My biggest interest is to have posts indexed nicely by topic, something I don't know how to do on BlogSpot.

Input, as usual , is appreciated..


  1. Great exposure! I agree with the website growing, members, post, etc. Especially with the amount of information here it must be organized better.

    (Eli, we'll be in touch.)


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