Hiddur Ayin and Dalet

Rav Ben Tzion Abba Shaul and Rav Mordekhai Eliyahu say that if the Ayin and Dalet do not at least touch and preferably cross the sirtut of the line below the resulting tefillin, mezzuza or S"T has no hiddur.  I'm not trying to argue their positions, but does anyone have an idea of how to pull that off in Tefilin.  Especially without posuling the dalet by having have the tagin of the letters below enter it?

So far this is as good as I have been able to manage.


  1. Its very difficult but if you try and keep the left head of the shin out of the space of the daled its possible. Or make miniscule tagin.

  2. That would bring it to the sirtut(and technically I could have shortened the dalet a little bit when I was writing these.
    However that won't cross it over the sirtut(which is according to these opinions the optimal).


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