I was sent some Mezzuzah's to check.  Oddly enough one was still new in a plastic wrapper with this hekhsher on the back:

However upon inspecting it visually these were some of the more glaring issues that I found:

Does anyone know anything about this Hekhsher?


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    1. Right. I figured that out when I was looking through the Mezzuzot. However is there any documentation anywhere. Letters from Rabbis about it ect.

      Something that I can show to the unfortunate person who bought them.

  2. you can refer them to mishmeres stam

  3. I see these types of "mezuzos" frequently usually from people who've purchased them in Judaica shops in Israel. As far as I'm concerned this "hechsher" should be taken as a flashing neon sign to the would be consumer that the contents of this package are probably completely posul.

    Having spoken with a couple of shop owners who sell this type of thing, I was informed that the target customer base is Reformim who don't know, or care about the difference and just want a souvenir of Israel.

    1. I talked to Rav Flumenbaum who said, sadly, that he sees them even in the hands of very frum people who are taken in by the "hekhsher". It seems to me that there should be some sort of public announcement about this.

  4. Wow this is bad. I have seen worse but not often. What did the poor chap pay for it? Perhaps before a public announcement there should be some approach to the distributor to see whether they would be prepared to change their terrible business practice. To knowingly sell these to any Jews (da'ati'im or reformim) is just wrong as they are performing a mitsvah andwith it and you never know what will bring people back into a more da'ati way of life.

  5. This is a long-time davar yadua in the world of safrus. People have spoken about it, written about it, and done even more for many years, yet to no avail. The distributor/manufacturer are simply not yorei shomayim and not interested in doing anything about it.

    See Here:


    Any mezuzah in a plastic slip like this with a printed hechsher should be treated with GREAT suspicion. A few times in the past couple of decades, Soferim have raised issues with these mezuzos. Their response was just to change the "Hechsher." So - there are a lot of ones floating around with different types of "hechsherim."

  6. This is old news. This so called hecher is a fraud. All these mezuzahs have a chezkas psul. You can almost always find a psul within seconds. I won't waste my time and my customers money checking them. I tell them they should be replaced and even if I'd have checked it, it would pass hagaah, I explain to them that the sofer is likely "passul".


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