Need help evaluating sefer torah

Hi , Could  I please get the help of some experienced sochrim, what would be the fair price for a private sale of a sefer torah including all checkings in the ksav below. price in Israel I guess...

A) I know is more simple and B) is very beautiful but assuming they are both frum ehrliche sofrim with ksav kaballah what would be the prices. I'm not looking to sell anything this is purely for my own research with a customer.

You can click on the images to see them clearly





  1. I think it's fair to say up to $75 per omud for A and up to $150 per omud for B. which, on decent klaf and 3 proper hagohas means approx. $25,000 for A and $40,000 for B

    Does anyone think different?

  2. I don't disagree necessarily, but -

    My only comment is that while B) seems obviously nicer in terms of consistent writing and straight lines - I have a big problem with a) the space he leaves between some words and b) his regel pnimi in his heys are smaller than his yudim.

    I know they're not meakev but to me at least they're a big lack in hiddur (b) maybe even bediavad acc to some) which are not problems in a).

    Also I have an aversion to sirtut kefula. But I think that's more a personal issue (stemming from the rav who taught me) than a Halachic one.

  3. I'm not impressed by writing with double sirtut.


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