problem with akev of beis

The second beis [in 'levavcha'] doesn't have an akev at all.
This type of akev of the beis (found in russian & chabad ksav) is a bend outward of the descending  line "gav", making an akev. It must start around half way down of the back of the beis, so the akev is the bottom part protruding. Here the bend starts immediate after the gag, so it is the back of the beis and not an akev.

Although most poskim pasken that a clearly squared beis is kosher [Mishnat Sofrim, Chatam Sofer], there are some poskim that demand an "akev kolshehu" (some protruding oketz) [see Mishnat Hasofer]. and all agree that lechatchila a beis must include an akev.
Therefore this beis must be fixed, by scraping a bit from the beis before it, allowing space to add an akev.


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