Second hand sifrey torah

Twice in one week I've had approaches from synagogues who are 'downsizing' in the economic climate/moving to new premises and want to sell some of their excess sifrey torah (though most will need repair before being sold as kasher).

I've started putting out feelers in the UK for congregations who might have a need but would welcome views on any congregations who could benefit from this/new homes. Whilst I've done many many repairs and acted as an agent for sale once or twice, it isn't something I've done a lot. So I would welcome other people's views and experience and suggestions.




  1. See:

  2. R. Zvi thanks for this. Rambam continues that one is able to sell a torah to marry orphan or for the sake of learning Torah - and in this case the synagogues are trying to sell to help sustain their existence and continue as a place of Jewish prayer and learning so that would fit Rambam's option in 10:2 One can also sell to redeem a captive (Tosafot to Bava Batra 8b. Also, Rambam's words are not necessarily to be taken literally according to Kesef Mishneh as if a person is dying from hunger he can sell a Torah if he lacks an income and is required to sustain himself from Ts'dakah. So I think this website is not entirely giving a full picture - it not that black and white. In the past I have dealt with torah's that have been gifted by one congregation to another so this would be preferable but I suspect with the difficult economy harder for the synagogues to sustain.


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