Sending a sefer torah in the mail

I can't remember if this has been discussed before on the forum but is one allowed to send a kosher sefer (with aitz chayims) wrapped in a box or suitcase by mail or cargo? Or can it only be taken by hand? Or Does it have to be made unkosher like unstitching two yeriyios if such a thing is even allowed?

I'm sure this has an easy answer but I've only mailed parts of sifre Torah (which is definitely allowed) but I now have to transport a kosher one.


  1. I am aware of reputable Torah rescue & restoration projects have shipped multiple complete sifrei Torah from Europe to Israel. I would be very careful about the type of shipping service. Avoid regular Post. Use the fastest delivery possible.

  2. Many years ago the Rav the shul asked me to build a wooden box for shipping a sefer Torah. He said that it has to be shipped in a
    כלי בתוך כלי
    The Rav placed the sefer in a plastic or cloth (don't remember) bag, then we placed the sefer in the wooden box.

    I built the box with rope handles to make it easy to carry. Something like that

    All the joints, including the cover, were screws NOT NAILS, to make sure the box does not disintegrate.

  3. Probably the best way to send I guess, however wood is an issue in some countries such as Australia because they don't allow it for quarantine reasons

  4. In regards to sending an entire Sefer Torah I spoke to R' Shammai about this. He was reluctant and first to allow however in the end he was makil. He said he believes the Batzel haChachma has a teshuva about this and is makil.

    R' Shammai said it should be put into a box that has a space of a tefach between the top of the box and Sefer Torah. Wrapped and secured well and of course sent the best way possible with the package clearly marked as fragile, etc, etc. Whatever can be done in order it should be handled with the utmost care.


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