Smudged tag on top of Beis

I didn't see the shailo yet itself however I heard today someone say they found a Beis in a Mezuzah that the tag is somewhat "smudged". To what degree or how much I don't know. However what would be the din if ...

(1) It's not niker anymore as a tag. Should they erase it and attempt to fix it? Or simply erase it and leave nothing there.
(2) Is niker but however "not so nice" because it's smudged. The same thing, should this be erased and fixed or erased and not fixed? Or not to erase at all?

I realize it's difficult to describe without a picture. Maybe I'll try and get if I can before whatever happens, happens.


  1. 1. If the tag is not nikar, definitely should be erased and rewritten.
    2. That matters how bad the tag is. In general if the tag is nikar, and the ois is ok, it doesn't need to be fixed.

    1. Any situation where the tag shouldn't be fixed (after being erased) out of a chashash that when correcting something might happen (working in such a small space with everything already written?)

      I've heard in the past from R' Shammai to be careful in these situations when fixing taggim and sometimes better not to do anything.

    2. This is pashut, that sometimes it is better not to fix, but that is a technical reason.
      What I wrote is not considering outside issues.


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