Three questions:

1) Does anyone know if there is anything written about the halachic perspective of putting an old possul sefer torah in a display cabinet in the foyer of a shul?

2) I have a sefer Torah that sags a little and its hard to roll during hagbah (ashkenaz style) , they have to fiddle with the klaf  so that it rolls straight. Is there a solution for this?

3) Does anyone know a chasidesher sofer in Amsterdam Holland or even Antwerp Belgium or vicinity who has kabola from Mishmeres Stam? It's for someone in Amsterdam but Antwerp is not too far for them.



  1. 1) The following I had spoke over once with R' Shammai. What I wrote here is what I heard from him together with a few other points.

    In regards to displaying a yeriah of a Sefer Torah in an open area (in this particular case I had with R' Shammai it was in someones living room) and if it's a problem of the Shem being displayed in such a way. The case was specifically of an yeria from an old Sefer Torah from the Holocaust (or before.) R' Shammai said not a problem – not a bizoin for the Shem as long as there was no tashmish shel ganei being done in that area.
    See Keses HaSofer Siman 11 in Lishcas HaSofer Sif-Katan 28.
    (I was m'tzian this in regards to what it say there about Shemos.)


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