פורום בינלאומי לנושא סת"ם

Monday, May 6, 2013

Three questions:

1) Does anyone know if there is anything written about the halachic perspective of putting an old possul sefer torah in a display cabinet in the foyer of a shul?

2) I have a sefer Torah that sags a little and its hard to roll during hagbah (ashkenaz style) , they have to fiddle with the klaf  so that it rolls straight. Is there a solution for this?

3) Does anyone know a chasidesher sofer in Amsterdam Holland or even Antwerp Belgium or vicinity who has kabola from Mishmeres Stam? It's for someone in Amsterdam but Antwerp is not too far for them.


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  1. 1) The following I had spoke over once with R' Shammai. What I wrote here is what I heard from him together with a few other points.

    In regards to displaying a yeriah of a Sefer Torah in an open area (in this particular case I had with R' Shammai it was in someones living room) and if it's a problem of the Shem being displayed in such a way. The case was specifically of an yeria from an old Sefer Torah from the Holocaust (or before.) R' Shammai said not a problem – not a bizoin for the Shem as long as there was no tashmish shel ganei being done in that area.
    See Keses HaSofer Siman 11 in Lishcas HaSofer Sif-Katan 28.
    (I was m'tzian this in regards to what it say there about Shemos.)


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