vav k'tia - what is correct way?

The vav k'tia from parshas pinchos, I have seen different ways of doing it, some mamash make a possul vav (as in picture) and some do a kosher vav by either making the break under the shiur regel or the break not incomplete. I was wondering what is the correct minhag? Thanks and shavuah tov.


  1. Rav Shtern in yalkut HaSofer mentions that there are different opinions but he brings lema'ase two of them:

    1) write a vav zeira (small vav) with a little line Written after the vav

    2) write a normal vav but make the break slanted so that you still have enough length of a kosher vav

    My rav alway taught me number 2 in sure there a benefits for each. But I would have serious issues with a break leaving less than a kosher vav above...

  2. Shalom Nachman, I didn' no how how to comment on your post with a picture, so I made a new post on this topic:

  3. R. Nachman - my page gives some options and a graphic from hadaf hayomi. What is odd is that the picture you put up is actually a black and white version of my writing from some years ago that is on that page.'s next post however is great.


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