download your own Yalkut Stam

since my Yalkut Stam is out of print for a while- I put up a PDF version on my website
for anyone to download all or parts for free.
Also there-many halachic audio and video shiurim, and some material of interest for sofrim.


  1. Yashar koach! What a great job! Tizku lemitzvos!

  2. i purchased this sefer a few years ago and found it incredibly helpful preparing for the two-part certification exam with vaad mishmeret stam. it was my #1 resource. thank you, Rav Eliezer!

  3. I agree, I am currently studying and take the sefer (which I purchased) everywhere. Its impossible to find in US and my american sofer friends printed this as soon as it was available. Thank you R' Adam.

    1. BTW you or anyone interested in printing it in the states is free to do so


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