Hi, has anyone ever used something called "Goop", a kind of gluey substance some sofrim put on the bottom of the tefillin shel rosh which stops moisture enetering the bayis and warping it?

If yes, does anyone know why this is not a chatzitzah, also, what is it made of and where can one buy it?


  1. I don’t know anything about this, but I just want to point out that there is an all-purpose cleaner called “goop”. If you want to use goop on batim, make sure you’re buying the glue and not the soap.

    1. my father (yy altein) once ask'd r' zalmen shimon devorkin a"h regarding "krazy glue", and he said any place were chatzitzah is an issue it should not be used.

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  2. I have since found out that it is silicone based and not considered as a chatzitah by those who advocate its use because it absorbs into the bayis and is not a "barrier'

  3. As long as there is no mamashus it should be fine. There is a Goop product that you use on your hands before getting your hands dirty. It acts like a "virtual" glove. I assume this is the product being referred to. Personally I use a fine layer of refined Linseed oil but any oil should provide protection against moisture.


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