OK, now I've seen it all.....

Someone asked me to check 4 mezuzos he bought from a very special sofer in Israel.

Here's what they looked like....


  1. R' Eli -

    I had a few similar to this come through my shop recently - all from different people, all Israeli, who purchased them in Israel. Do you know who the "sofer" is? Email me separately if you have info - kerwiler(at)gmail.com.

    Thanks -


  2. A student at the Technion in Haifa once published that his room-mate, an Arab student with artistic talents, writes mezuzot when he has free time on Shabbat.

  3. Well, "a very special sofer in Israel"... that's ME, and I NEVER wrote those Mezuzas.
    But if you are looking for a weird Sofer, I think that this guy wins the first place.

  4. Wow! A very special sofer indeed! I've been doing this for 25 years and this might take the cake!


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