Tzadi of ועצר?


  1. Great shaila. I call it the "micky mouse" tzadi. They are usually kosher, however the problem with this one is the left "ear" doesn't come out from the very end, making it even more problematic.

    I leave this one to the experts

  2. Yeh that's my whole shaila - I've seen lots like this where the left Rosh is attached at the end but I've never seen one like this where its not. Really the tzaddi is a nun yud....this one is more kaf with two yudim :)

  3. good shayla !!!
    I think it is a shinuy tzura. But the possibility of shylas tinok and later fix - tickles my conscience...

  4. So Rav Moshe, does that mean tachlis I can ask a ST and fix based on that?

  5. if I found this I'd ask Rav Friedlander. for the reason mentioned by Eli and Ari


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