In the yud of beneichem, the left kotz extends down almost to the length of the right regel. Such a tzurah is oft mentioned as being problematic. However in this case there are two saving graces, 1) the kotz and regel are both very short so it's not really a small ches and 2) the left kotz is indeed a fraction shorter than the right regel.

Am I correct to assume its OK to fix in Mezuzah and not a shinuy tzurah?

You can click to view it bigger. I wanted to keep the angle of the scan in proportion which is why I did not crop.


  1. Sefer S'fakot Hasofer (R. Levi) brings these sorts of examples on the yud. He pasuls one where the regel is the same length as the kots and they are both considerably longer than the example you have put up here. On the closest example (15) where the leg is very short that this is kasher as long as it is longer than the kots and and thereby appears more like a yud agreeing with what you have said R. Eli. He draws on Tkkun Tefillin that one should make sure the kots is thinner than the regel so that is it is more obviously not a leg. Difficult to tell on this picture but it does look thinner so would fall into that description too. Therefore this would be permitted to be fixed according to this view.

  2. It's OK to fix in Mezuzah, and not a shinuy tzurah.

  3. Looks to me like the yud of b'veisekha is a bigger shaila though also fixable.

    1. I don't understand what you mean. The yud of b'vesecha, the left kotz goes down about half the length of the right regel. The original shaila is almost the same length.

    2. It's the yud before beneichem that look likes the problem.

  4. Guys I think you have the wrong beneichem.
    R Eli is talking about beneichem 3 lines from the top, 3rd word...

  5. It is really right on the border of pasul but I'd likely machshir it.


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