There are a couple things with the yud of יפתה that I'm not sure about.
1) it looks like its made of regel and kotz with no Rosh, but not easy to tell
2) the regel is slanted to the right instead of straight down or to the left
3) the regel has a strange shape
Are any of these concerns in this case apparent enough to be meakev here?


  1. I will not argue with R Eli, but [at least] must be fixed.

  2. (1) Not convinced it's kosher. There's no apparent Guf of the Yud. Unmagnified, there's a Kotz and a Regel, angled to each other like a tent, but no Guf.
    (2) If it's Kosher, why does it *need* fixing. If it needs fixing, is it not a problem with Tzuras HaOs?

  3. Sometimes it's preferable to fix even something kosher in order to make it more mehudar or lechatchila.

    Even more so, you can have instances that are Pasul but are not issues of tzurat haot and require and can be fixed - eg kotz RT, some negiyot, lack of mukaf gvil etc

    In this case, the regel had strange juttings that prevented me from clearly discerning enough of a Rosh. In addition, I've seen mekorot that pasel a regel that is angled backwards - although I don't remember where I saw it or how much of an angle is meakev. For these reasons I posted the shaila. For an explanation of the answer I have to defer to R Eli and R Moshe...

  4. Ahron,
    1) there is a guf, if you look "inside" the yud there are three sides - the regel, the left kotz and the gug - both sides are coming out of the gug. if they were coming out of each other then there would only be two dimensions which would indicate no guf, but this is not the case here.

    2)it always better to fix, for a number of reasons which I don't have time to get into right now but for both halachic as well as practical reasons


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