Ashkanazi reading from Sephardi Sefer Torah

I know there are a number of Achronim that speak about this issue (and permit) of Ashkanazi minyan may use a Sephardi Sefer Torah to lein from. Does someone have the list of poskim and exact mareh makomos for those that speak about this?


  1. There is the famous Tshuvas HaRosh who says how the ksavim of different places differ and that they are all kasher. Also see the first tshuva in Shu"t Mishnas R' Aharon (Kotler). Also see R' Moshe Shternbuch who discusses a ksav Ari sefer for those who are normally noheig to use ksav Beis Yosef, both in Tshuvos v'Hanhagos and in Hilchos haGr"a uMinhagav.

    1. Thanks for pointing these Teshuvas out. The one from the Rosh is definitely a famous one and a point I often say over. I'm in particular interested in the Teshuvas that discuss the Ashkanazi/Sephardi issue. I know there are a few from the more "famous" and often quoted achronim (Chasam Sofer? Noda B'Yehuda? Others...?) I'm however not sure exactly thus why I am asking...

  2. פתחי שערים הקדמה דף כ

  3. Rav Shternbuch has a detailed section in Stam Kehilchasan on this and is really a must read to understand the history and halacha of Velish, Ari and Bais Yosef.


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