one little mistake someone showed it to me it took me some time to find it


  1. If the sofer was a sefardi, this never would have happened!

  2. In addition to the spelling mistake, note that:
    The ך of the second בשבתך and ובשעריך are most probably פסול.
    The foot of the big ד is to short.
    The extra תגים are not at all exact: 6 on מ of ובקומך(?),
    דגנך ותירשך ויצהרך like in תפילין, in מזוזה should be nothing on ותירשך and on the ר of ויצהרך.
    Lacking the תגים in many places (וקשרתם, אחרים and others).
    In short, this sofer (in my opinion) needs to do a little bit homework before he continues.

  3. I wouldn't have thought the kafim are Pasul. Lechatchila - definitely not. But I think they're kosher bediavad since the regel is longer than the gag (not easy to see in the pic) and they are yored mehaketiva amongst a ktav that has fairly consistent letter heights. Maybe at most a ST, but I'm not even sure about that.

    Also the regel of the dalet is short but also I think its kosher.

    1. If the Regel is not longer than the Gag then it's a serious Safek of Tzuras Ha'os. After all, if this were the large Raish of Acher (ki lo sishtachaveh l'eil acheir), would it be Pasul because it's a long Kaf?

  4. In my experience, the two most common spelling mistakes in a mezuzah are:

    1) in the 2 places where the words letotofos and mezuzos are written - where the sofer has mixed up the moleh or choser and either left out a vov or added a vov.

    2) in the two v'avadatems where he has mixed up the ayin / alef.

    In my opinion, after checking a mezuzah normally, it is worth glancing over those 6 words a second time.

  5. Also, I have commonly found the first written ועבדם - lacking the TAV


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