Common Mezuzah Questions

I find that often people ask this question on whether such an "entry way" needs a mezuzah or not.

From what I see here there is no mashkof what so ever as well there is just a regular plan wall on the other side opposite this, not even something protruding out. Is there any reason to yes put a mezuzah here (any shita or chumrah?) As well if the mezuzah has already been put up should one leave it up or may it be taken down? I know in the past R' Shammai always says (pashut) that there is no need for a mezuzah in such a case.

The other question that was asked was this one:

The same idea, no mezuzah on the other side (just a plain wall), and not mashkof. Even if there would be some sort of mezuzah on the other side, still there is no mashkof.


  1. Agreed, these don't require mezuzah. In addition, they should also remove the mezuzah by the kitchen, where it is definitely not needed.

  2. There are a few talmidim of Rav Moshe Feinstein’s ztz"l who will place a mezuzah bli bracha on the first photo. Rav Shmuel Fuerst is noheg this way, apparently. I do not have the source before me now, but it is the result of a sofer Rav Moshe held in the "shiur" of a mashkof. Will try to find, imy"h.

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