Does anyone recognize this Ksav?

The image below comes from a heavily water damaged half-sefer someone gave me last night. The section I have runs rougly from Parsahat Shmini until the end and is written in 60 lines without vavei ha'amudim which leads me to say German but I didn't think Yekkes wrote like this.


  1. Hi Yitzhak,
    This Sefer is very likely from Chekoslovakia.

    1. Thank you.

      Would you be able to point at any unique features that tipped you off?

  2. Some key features are the rounded SHINS and the right curving feet of the KUFS, among others.

  3. I restored a sefer with ksav and ink condition very, very similar to this one about three years ago. The shul that had it said that it came from Bohemia around 1850. So, based on the similarity I'd say this sefer probably came from SE Germany or the Czech Republic as well.

  4. The Zayins on the second line are a good example to what is mentioned here (in the last paragraph).

  5. I 2nd Binyomin. Spot on.

    The Zayins, Shins, and legs of the lange nun are typical.


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