Oisios Gedoles and Katanos

In Keses HaSofer Siman 16 Sif 4 he brings the din of oisios gedoles and katanos that we are nohag to write in a Sefer Torah. He says that this is only "l'mitzvah" and if one doesn't make the proper letters "big" or "small" relative to the others that it isn't pasul. This is seemingly all in a situation where one must read from this Sefer Torah. What about after that situation passes and one now knows that the letters weren't written according to the minhag or mesorah, must one go back now and fix them? Is there any source for this?


  1. D'varim Shebichtav (p136) writes that in all instances we are accustomed to fix them in relation to the tradition of b'kah s'hmo (but not doing so would not invalidate) so one could assume the same holds for the otiyot m'shunot, though I'm not sure I've seen a specific source - will check. Especially since Keset and Rambam both say that it is important to keep these traditions that have been received ish mipi ish. Obviously that would not hold for some of the otiyot m'shunot where the forms are so 'strained' as to make the letter pasul, but for large and small letters that wouldn't be an issue.


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