2 shaylos

Hi, I have two questions-

1) This is officially a window, it was not designed as a door however people use it to get in and out. It comes up from the floor but not enough that you have to climb out as though you were climbing out of a window. is it chayev a mezuzah?

2) the daled with a healthy tag caused by the metayegs slipping a little. Shinu tzurah or fixable?


  1. In regard to the first shyla - you should put a mezuza without a bracha. I wrote about this in my hebrew forum see פורום לנושאי סת"ם: דלת הזזה מוגבה מהרצפה, ולא נעשה מתחילה למטרת פתח

    In regard to the dalet - I think a shaylas tinok is called, if he wont mistake this as a lamed, if read correctly, then erase the extra line.

  2. R' Moshe, please publish a link to your פורום article.

    It reminds me of my days in high school (decades ago) when Bochurim would break into the kitchen at night through a window. The cook - an older European Yid - approached the Rosh Yeshiva respectfully and - without explaining the situation - simply said, "Rebbe, I think we need a Mezuza for our kitchen window ..."

  3. http://hebrewstam.blogspot.co.il/2013/07/blog-post_14.html

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