Mazal Tov !!
2nd Birthday of the Forum !!
The letters [begining the lines] are broken - nifsakim.
I think the hay and last vav may be fixed in tefillin and mezuza, but the middle vav has totaly lost its tzuras ha'ois, rendering this mezuza pasul, without any possibilty to fix.

I wish a good and successfull year to all friends of this forum.


  1. Yasherkoach Reb Moshe for remembering the 2nd anniversary of the forum.

    I hope to spend some time over chol hamoed IYH updating the members list and labelling the posts.

    Wishing everyone a Gutten Kvittel

  2. Would this not depend on whether the Hefsek is Nir'eh Le'hedya = obvious at a normal reading distance ...? I can't project from the screen shot, but if it's NOT Nir'eh Le'hedya (R' Akiva Eiger) then my impression is it's fixable.


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