No peace for pinchas

Sefarim that are only ever used for one reading tend to wear out in that area.

On Shabbos Chol Hamoed, we noticed some faded letters in the maftir sefer (not our maftir, but the one for Shavuos a little earlier on the amud.) While repairing them on Sunday,  I found many other letters beginning to peel. I also found out that the last yeriah in Pinchas and the first one in Mattos had already been replaced once due to this problem and I was fixing the new yerios. Constantly rolling over the same portion for decades takes its toll. Gabbaim can easily prevent that from happening by rotating their shul's Sifrei Torah.

This is a cross post from my own blog where I wrote about it at greater length.


  1. Its also important to roll them every once in a while, even if you end up back at the same place ie rosh chodesh laining etc


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