sofek chok tochos

I had finished a mezuzah and in one place I came back to finish off a mechikah and only after I cleaned it up I realized that a very thin line was in the sirtut touching the back of a vav possibly making it look like a zayin even thought at the moment it did not seem to me. my question is is that I once had a simmilar shaloh and someone was maikel mitzad chok tochos derabanan from a tsuvah of the tzmechach tzetek. I was wondering if the same would apply here. or is there any other kulah that can be applied your input is much appreciated. Thank you and may everyone have a sweet new year written in the book of life.


  1. Not sure I understand. If it's a Zayin, any type of fixing (such as by rounding the back, if that's possible) would make it Shelo Kesidran. If not, it's not an issue of Chok Tochos because it already has the Tsuras Ha'Os. The question would be more understandable in a Sefer Torah.

    1. maybe reb moshe has something to say about this i myself dont know exactly what the gedarim are but i had a similar case and a rav was machshir im just wondering if that could apply hear

  2. What do you mean by "Chok Tochos Drabanan"? The Tzemach Tzedek says "chock tochos" is doraisa. He says "shelo Kesidran" is drabanan. Maybe you are confusing the two?

  3. i never saw the teshuvah inside but i remember asking a realiable source and the said something on those lines
    when you say kisidran is that parshios or the words inside


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