Aron kodesh without paroches

Does anyone know if there is a problem taking down a paroches from an aron kodesh (with wood doors) for a few weeks so it can be fixed? I am assuming they don't have an old paroches to put in its place. Would a sheet or the like need to be put up during this time?


  1. There is no hallachic problem, it is just the cavod of the aron/sifrei tora. So if possible some alternative cover should be used, if possible and honourable. If not, I dont see a reason not to take down the paroches to fix it.

  2. When the Aron Kodesh have peroches hanging from the inside while the doors are from the outside is this also acceptable according to the minhag?

  3. The paroches is on the inside in yeshivas Ponevezh so apparently it is fine.


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