commissioned sefer torah

mazal tov mazal tov! i am proud and happy to share that i was just commissioned to write a sefer torah!

it will be my first b"H and i have quite a few questions regarding technical details and arrangements that must be set in place prior to starting. there is no socher involved -- it will be a direct arrangement between me and the private client

i am interested in receiving feedback from those who have experience writing sifrei torah and can explain considerations regarding:

  • formulation of a contract agreement
  • timelines and completion dates for specific parshiyot etc
  • pricing for klaf and other materials  (including how much and how often to receive payment)
  • sizes and variational options of sifrei torah dimensions (i prefer to write 8mm size ksav)
  • hachnasas sefer torah ceremonies, etc
  • any other relevant information based on professional experience

also important to mention is that the ksav is mehudar (based on the opinion of a magiha musmach with over 30+ years experience)

please contact me about any and all (or more) of these pertinent topics directly via email: thanks in advance!

gratefully yours,
pesach rothberg


  1. Here is a contract (in Hebrew) I composed a few years ago.

  2. Its a big list, call me if you have any questions.



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