is this chatoteres kosher?

enlarge for better picture
I have a doubt if this type of chatoteres on the ches is kosher, since it is not connecting from the closer edges of the zayinim, rather from their center or far side?


  1. The pshat in Chatoteres is that it is a modification of the gag. The basic tzurah of the roof of the ח is flat--ספרי דווקני would modify it in some way; exactly how is a מחלוקת ראשונים. If the Chatoteres looks like an adornment to the top of 2 zayins and not at all like a continuation of the gag from the corners of the zayins, I would consider this very questionable, although I think I recall seeing that some Acharonim are machshir.

  2. This is not at all uncommon by cheaper ksavim. I've never heard of this being a shailah.


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