the line going from the ches to zayin is dark and goes all the way through


  1. Seems poshut to me that this is pasul and can't be fixed. If someone made a ches like that, we would be machshir.

  2. Except that it's not 2 zayinim, it's a zayin and a Chet. It's no longer a case of two letters making a new kosher letter, it's two letters making what looks like two chetim fused together.

    And the line connecting them is very thin, even if its dark. It looks thinner than even the tagim. I don't think its obvious.

    I remember R Shtern in yalkut has ofer I think has a paragraph about this exact case but I can't remember what he said. I'm also not home to check...

    1. Ari please check and post where I can find it . A rov here was machshir it. What is rem moshes opinion?

    2. problem !! It is not so easy to be meikel !!!
      Since the pic. is not 100% clear, (if the dark line is less obvious then the dyo of the letters, there is place to be meikel, since the letters themself are barur, and the negiya is clearly external).
      I will look up Rav Shtern quoted by Ari.

    3. Rav Shtern writes there exactly as I wrote - if the negiya is clearly not part of the letters, then one should do a shaylas chacham.
      So you have to decide if there is a chashash of a ches made out of the zayin and right part of ches - then it is pasul, if not consult with a rabbi [showing him the parsha itself].
      I can not answer since the pic. is not clear enough to me (although it looks here - as the negiya is an additional kav, and not part of a ches).

  3. סימן ה׳ אות ח׳ בילקה״ס:
    נתחברה זיי״ן מתיבת ״בחוזק יד״ להחי״ת ע״י תגין, ועי״ז יש כאן ג׳ זייני״ן מחוברים או וי״ו וב׳ זייני״ן, אין להתיר להפריד הנגיעה. אולם, אם הנגיעה של הזיי״ן להחי״ת הוא שונה מאשר חיבור ב׳ זייני״ן דחי״ת, וניכר היטב שזה אות זי״ן שנגע בחי״ת, יש לעשות ש״ח.

  4. I think this case is even easier than what R Shtern describes because here the negia is not through tagim (ie it's even thinner) and looks completely different than the chatoteret.

  5. I may have to show this one to one of the big guns. Its very sentimental parshiyos


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