"Orel" retzuos

I received a call from the seller of Orel retzuos. They make machine and handmade (regular and all black.) I'm not familiar with them. The family has been in the leather business for 40 years and expanded into retzuos. They presently have a local hechsher and am told Rav Moshe Shaul Klein in now giving them a hechsher as well but they don't have the letter from him yet.
They claim there will not be any problem of paint peeling and that they are very good quality and that each stage is done by hand and even the melicha is done by a yid.
I don't know anyone who is familiar with the nor have I spoken to Rav Klein yet. Does anyone have any more information or experience with this maker/these retzuos?


  1. i spoke to the mashgiach that is in charge of the whole thing and it sounds like a great product at least from a halachic perspective.
    I have been using them for a few months and people seem very happy with them being that they are quite soft from the start. How long they will last i do not know.

    1. Soft from the start is great for shoes but retzuos that are too soft end up stretching and become skinny very quickly, at least that's my experience. Remember you pull them tight every day. Im not saying these are going to stretch, I'm just saying id be careful until proven

  2. Is the owner the same as the owner of the peeling retzuos

  3. I have his retzuos, he has a hechsher from rabbi gerelick (rov in Italy) and rabbi ashkenazy from kfar chabbad, so far so good.

  4. These retzuos are not part of the peeling issue. With regards to the facts on the peeling retzuos please read my article updated on yeshiva World in November after a number of consultations with Rav Friedlander Shlit'a and some of the retzuos makers.


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