Pey - Shinuy tzurah?

The pey of "pen" - shinuy tzurah?


  1. I think I wrote about this once (dont remember where) - the pay actualy has 2 nekudos !!!

  2. yosef, good chap. however im inclined to say its fixable. I don't know if the right is mamash a nekudah

  3. Don't know if technically a nekuda., just looking at the letter it looks more like a symbol for transformers or something than a pey!

  4. thanks for this interesting question - at least a shaylas tinok is called for before fixing ! this is at least a minor shinuy tzura that needs a tinok to read it correctly.
    I will search where I wrote about this problem and post the page here. please someone turn it into a link.

  5. here is a page on something similar from my hebrew forum (I think I wrote about this on another occasion):

  6. here is the page:


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