It seems that the most common Gidim (here in America at least) are the ones that have the hechsher of Rav Moshe Shaul Klein and Rav Biton. Is there any halakhic difference between these Gidim and the ones with the hechsher of the Eidah Chareidis? Thank you.


  1. I may be wrong but the Eidah ones are avodas yad and most others are machine.

    1. If they are thicker and not as refined they are generally avodas yad.

    2. I once heard from a very knowledgeable Socher that he is not aware of any machine-made Gidim currently being produced. But I suppose he could be wrong. It seems there is very little transparency about the production of Gidim, even less than Batim, for example.


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