Menamnem & 2 Azkoros / Help!

I'll like to get some Hallachic Help, How to deal with the attached pic.
Thanks for your time.


  1. I wrote in the title of this post MENAMNEM because this probably caused this ink smear. But just wanted to know how big the problem is.

  2. The second shem is no problem to fix, but in the first shem the pic is not clear enough, so I dont know if the hey has lost its tzura or not.
    If it has lost its tzura you can erase it [mevatel tzuras haois]. But, if it is clearly a hay, if there is no negiya of the left foot to the gag or the right foot, you can clean out the inside, but if the left foot is nogea to the gag you are in a big problem, and you have to mekalef the shem.

  3. Rabbi Weiner, Yasher koiach Godol.

  4. Rabbi Weiner, Yasher koiach Godol.


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