Presenting STa"M to Rabbis

Hi all,

I am currently in NY where I was asked to speak at the 30th annual conference of Chabad Lubavitch shluchim. The topic was on practical guidelines for rabbis to ensure their congregants receive a kosher supply of STa"M. I think the info I presented is relevant to all rabbis (not specific to Chabad) and contains a lot of practical info.

I presented the hour long session with PowerPoint and most of the info can be seen in brief on the PowerPoint slides I ran. For the benefit of the readers of this forum who maybe interested, I am attaching the slides below:

For the benefit of those not familiar with Chabad Lingo: "Mivtzoim" Stam means basic kosher Stam which is given out to secular Jews, as opposed to Mehudar Stam, which is used by the more frum market.


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