shayla on nun pshuta

The magiya was trying to erase problematic tagim on the nun, and by mistake erased part of the rosh.
Now it is a question of tzadi pshuta - the question should be resolved by a shaylas tinok.
I admit that this question cannot be decided by a pic from the scan, any slight variation in size/color etc, changes the shayla - only can be decided by sight of the letter itself.


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    1. This is an amazing question!!!! I think that this is a real She'elat Hakham from which we may all learn very important principles if examined with fine detail. For example:

      Although the letter now appears as a Tzade Peshuta, perhaps there is still a way to save this mezuzah. It depends, however, like R. Moshe maintains, on fine details that we cannot properly appreciate from the picture.

      For example, is the right side of the Rosh still connected to the body of the letter? If there is no deyo, connecting it, then it may be mutar to continue to erase the right part of the head as it is not part of the body of the letter. If it is permitted to do so, we would now end with a letter with Tzurat Nun that is passul as is, but for which we would be allowed to extend the roof in order to correct it.

      Can we address the following points? Is removing the right part of the above head considered Hak Tokhot if it's not physically touching the body of the letter? It appears to me that one can objectively argue that it is not, but there are other considerations.

      For example, it is also "true" that if one were to do so, we would be removing the "Tzurah" of a possible Tzade Peshuta "that is not kasher" by removing the body of ink that is next to it, although not touching. As such, is there halakhic ground to permit the above? Do we consider this Hak Tokhot as well, or can we be flexible and permit it? Where do we draw the line? I'm looking forward to your response.

    2. If this would be considered a zadi (even a zadi pasul, since the heads are not connected) either by a chacham or a tinok, erasing the right head would definatly be chak tochot.

  2. Good! So whe are back to She'elat Tinok as the only way of possibly redeeming this mezuzah.

  3. Wonderful practical example - amazing that the mis-erasing of tagin caused such a safek turning the tsura from nun to possible tsadi. I suspect a tinok will still say nun but would love to hear what happens. Thanks for sharing.

    1. This scan I received from a friend, I don't know if he asked a tinok, or what the tinok said. The magiya passeled it.


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