short lamed

The lamed has no moshav. Although this is ok for sfardi csav, and some ashkenazi poskim (see SA Harav 36 ois lamed) are machshir, according to Mishna Berura (MS ois lamed & biur hallacha there) it is pasul, since it is lacking an essential part of the letter.
At least for an ashkenazi, this must be fixed, and can not be left as is.


  1. דברי המ"ב צע"ג שדברי הפמ"ג שצריך מלא אות קטנה בלמ"ד מתייחסים בדיוק ללמ"ד כזה, אשר זנבו משוך באלכסון וצריך שיהיה בזנב מלא אות קטנה. וגם בכל הכתבים מזמן הראשונים אין ללמ"ד מושב שוכב כלל אלא זנב אלכסוני. ועיין עוד בספר תמונת האותיות וספר פתשגן הכתב מ"ש בזה

  2. We've been through all this before. I'm pretty sure it's not hard to conclude that Temunat HaOtiyot's interpretation of some rishonim is not in accordance with how Ashkenazim are noheg today lema'aseh. It's important to recognise this point if you are a magiha for the public, irrespective of how you personally write for yourself.
    Today we have a specific minhag and psak. We also have poskim to consult when attempting to change that.

    1. This is very different from the previous discussion. We are discussing here not the Hashkafa of how to write lechatchila, but if such a lamed is kosher bedieved according to "modern standards." The reference to Tmunas Ha'Osios and Patshegen HaKsav was only a side note. Practically speaking, I have never heard of a Rav actually passeling a lamed written without a flat moshav even for Ashkenazim, provided the regel is clearly curved and not completely vertical. See Mishnas HaSofer 5:109.

  3. It is precisely because of the strength in tradition from our Rishonim that we cannot invalidate such a Lamed. However, for Ashkenazim, the minhag has changed, especially as most have taken up the Mishna Berurah as binding halacha. As such, this Lamed should be corrected to conform to modern standards. Thank you R. Moshe for constantly bringing up examples such as this.

  4. My intention was to affirm Rav Moshe's comment that it should be fixed, not to comment on whether a lamed with a diagonal regel is Pasul or not.

    By quoting temunat haotiyot you give the impression that it is not only kosher as is but that it should be left that way. Apologies if I misunderstood.

  5. As lemaaseh, it is kosher, whether it should be fixed is dependent on the overall level of the ksav (desired). If the mezuzah is a low end, bedieved mezuzah and is to be left that way then it could be left as is. Obviously, it does need to be fixed to be lechatchila.

  6. I wonder if the this lamed isn't a shaylas tinok of a yud!

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  8. This is a lamed, albeit bedieved due to the short neck, which some hold can be made lechatchila with scratching. This is a Sephardi ksav so the moshav is fine for them and bedieved as is for Ashkenazim.


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