I was speaking tonight to Rav Grananstien of Mishmeres Stam in Benai Brak. He was telling me about a new "fingerprint" program they have for tefillin and mezuzos where once it is scanned in the computer it automatically goes on a database and if the tefillin are rescanned years later the program can identify who's they are and where they come from, like a fingerprint.

Then he told me that sometimes they do computer checking for sochrim and X amount of mezuzos and tefillin will register spelling mistakes. So the sochrim give it back to the sofrim and get credits etc or replacements. He says it happens once in a while that they scan mezuzos / parshiyos and the computer recognizes the mezuzos / parshiyos ie it has seen it before, and previously it had a spelling mistakes but it has now come back without a mistake, meaning, chalilah, the sofer is not a yiras shomayim and has corrected the mistake without realizing that the fingerprint program will pick up on it!

I asked the Rav how often it happens and he said at least  4 or 5 sofrim have been caught out since they started the new program.



  1. I don't know how "new" it is, but I read about it over 20 years ago.
    And also here and here we can see that it was exsisting 20 years ago (the dates on the letters תשנ"ב and תשנ"ה ).
    Perhaps he meant "new and improved".

    1. You are probably correct , I understood from him it was a new thing. Either way, it was new for me

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