Water drops - how to take care of it

I'm in the second column of my 48 lines Sefer Torah and a few drops of water found their way into the klaf. 
I would like to ask for advice on what's the best way to fix it. 
In the line I skipped, should I do nothing and write on it (two shemos will come in that very empty space) or it's better to scrape it and put some chalk?
The letters that got wet, I guess I have to scrape and put some chalk and hope for the best.
Any insights are greatly appreciated.



  1. It depends how nice you want the mechika to come out. If you're not in a hurry, send the yeriya to Israel, I have a metaken there who can erase it in such a way that you will not see any signs of mechika

  2. I want it to be perfect
    can you refer me to a metaken? ykmusicblog at gmail

    1. his name is Dovid Yehudah , no in Israel is 052 327 2558

  3. as per this discussion, i'm curious if there is anyone here who can post separately on how to perfect the art of mechikot so they are undetectable. i have small electric sanders/erasers, very fine sandpaper, razors, vinyl erasers, chalk etc but i'm sure there is a good formula and methods to train one in making these tikkunim invisibile to the eye...so if you know -- please share!

  4. There are a number of people in Israel who do amazing erasures, they can even remove entire sections and it's hardly noticeable.

    This reminds me of when I was a newbie and writing a Torah 20+ years ago. I left the yeria open to dry while taking a mid afternoon break. The room was off the laundry porch and the door to the open porch was left open. Obviously a pigeon came into the room and soiled most of the yeria.


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