I would like to hear suggestions how to correct this double hayom


  1. the best I can suggest is erase the second hayom and stretch the mem stumah from the first hayom a little on the gug on the left side as well as to thicken the left side as well so that the gug is in proportion. Then add to the back of the gug of the hay as well as add to the regel so it is in proportion. In doing so you should ensure that the gap is 100%less than nine yudin. Assuming the thickening of the mem and hay is done proplerly, this should be the case.

    Then, as an extra precaution, make holes in the gap.

    The result, assuming you do the mem and hay correctly, will ensure the parshiyos are kosher, although with the gap, even with holes, It wont be geder mehudar.

  2. You could erase the יום of the first היום and the ה of the second one and then stretch the gag of the first ה.

    1. ? But how would the stretched hay be kosher? what would you do about the nekudah (left regel)? (If it was a daled I would understand the merit to such an argument)

    2. Since there aren't many options we could be maikel b'shaas hadchak (keses 9-7)

    3. you mean do ponim chadashos with the left regel / nekudah? (ie keep adding ink and scratching as you extend the gug - it would be a delicate process).

      IMHO I think that's more problematic than leaving a gap under 9 yudin. Ponim chadashos is lo kesidran according to the minority of opinions.

    4. Typo - Ponim chadashos is possul according to the MAJORITY of opinions

  3. I am not saying that he should move the regel b/c as you say that would be ponim chadoshos. What I am saying is to leave the regel and be moshech the gag, although the regel has to be under the end of the gag but b'shaas hadchak its kosher if a tinok reads it as a hey

  4. I agree with Eli as this is the only correct tikkun. Whether a shiur parsha R"T with holes is lechatchila should be clarified with a posek of STAM.


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