ksav not on sirtut

I have always paskened that by mezuzah (not tefillin),  a ksav written under the sirtut (ie one or two mm under, or in between the two sirtututim  ) is problematic. Recently someone told me that there are opinions that allow this,  but I cannot find any. Can anyone shed light on the halacha lemaaseh re ksav not on sirtut by mezuzah?


  1. It just happend to me as I was writing a mezuza I found that the sirtut cut through the klaff

  2. ,בספר משנת הסופר דף כג (ביאור הסופר ד"ה בלא) מכשיר בדיעבד, ודו"ק בדבריו. וכן כתב ביריעות שלמה פרק ב סעיף ו דהעיקר להתיר

  3. Rav Ovadiah held that AS LONG AS THE KSAV IS STRAIGHT then the entire mezuzah can be written below the sirtut as the purpose of the sirtut is make the ksav straight. If the ksav in wavy or angled then this is a problem.
    Rav Elyashiv held it is passul if, I believe, 3 letters in a row are below the sirtut. As far as I'm aware even if it is only slightly under the sirtut is a problem and certainly 1-2mm.
    Dayan Fisher held that while pasul, it could be fixed to be bedieved.
    Of course, you'd need to ask a shaila lemaaseh, but it seems that for low end Ashkenaz mezuzahs (bedieved) there is room to be lenient, particularly if it is fixed and for ksav Vellish, as long as it is straight, it is okay as is.


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