Partially missing Sirtut

Sholom Ubracha, What will be the Halacha when you write a Mezuzah and you erase a few words, And than you see that a part of the sirtut is also erased. So is it ok to write on a 85% sirtut? (how can you fix this sirtut, which is the right tool for this?)


  1. Yes, you have to redo the sirtut. It is done with what I think is called in English an "awl". See picture here. Of course you can use anything similar.

  2. I use a rose thorn glued to a piece of dowling - nice and natural and not too sharp that it would tear the k'laf. You must have sirtut if it erased - see Keset Hasofer 3:5 and R. Ganzfired says that they should be re-ruled lishmah (though based on Pri M'gadim this isn't necessary). The B'ney Yonah states that even for one letter there should be a rule but most others say three. I am assuming here that this erasure is such that you are still writing the mezuzah k'sidran.

    1. Mordechai,

      Is a perennial blackberry thorn okay to use? The only rose bushes I have available have very small soft thorns. I also currently use and all-metal awl "angled correctly".

      (I don't currently write any STa''M, just learning.)

      Elad ben Avraham/Dale Edmons

  3. just a tip when using an awl it should be not pointed straight down because then it might make a hole in the klaf the trick is to hold it on a slant almost flat some people use a stone to make it not so sharp but this is unnecessary if you hold it like that and also then you can decide how big of a sirtut you want and how wide by pressure you put and the angle you hold it(by pressure it will just bend the metal a little) and you can also decide to which derection you want the sirtut to go its hard to explain in words without showing someone

  4. For years I use a very small screwdriver, the corners originally dulled by scraping against stone or concrete.


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