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1. When writing a Megillas Ester, is it proper to follow the opinion of the Rashba not to be mafrid negi'os that happened before both letters had a tzuras haos? I know that the Keses says to be makpid like the Rashba other than tfillin and m'zuzos that you have written past for which one can rely on the Shulchan 'Aruch, but is he including Megillas Ester also? Or perhaps since it is kasher to leien from either way one need not be machmir?

2. When writing a shem kodesh with a prefix, i.e. leilokim, at what point should one say l'shem kdushas HaShem, since the nitfalin l'fanav are not nitfas in the Kdushas HaShem?


  1. question 2: the correct way is before writing the word, one shall say the word [exa.] la'lokim [the lamed here is a nitpal], la'lokim lshem kedushas hashem. IE mekadesh the shem before writing the whole word.

  2. Question1: " ... perhaps since it is kasher to leien from either way one need not be machmir..."
    This applies to equally to Chok Tochos, 'permitting' one to have up to half the letters in a Megilla produced that way.
    A sofer does not - lechat'chila - write letters that are kosher B'dieved . One is certainly expected to write letters that are Kosher lechat'chilla. In my mind, "B'dieved it is kosher" is equivalent to "lechat'chilla it is pasul".

    1. With all do respect, there is clearly a difference between writing something that is כשר לכתחילה according to the שו"ע and something that להלכה is פסול.

  3. Avi,

    You are correct that there is a big difference.
    Following the Rashba isn't straightforward as it depends on where the connection was made, which letters and how thick the connection is. Assuming one has sat with an expert (posek) in STaM to learn how to follow the Rashba, it is appropriate to be noheg accordingly, particularly if you are selling as mehudar. This not only means how you deal with touching letters, but how you direct your magia to deal with it, assuming he will do the tikkunim.

  4. On what rabbi Moshe weiner said to say before lelokim Im wondering what the moker for that is do you say that also by shem havaye


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